Dear Parents and Campers, Counselors and Volunteers,
Christ is Risen!
As of May, plans to operate St.Seraphim Youth Camp as we have in past years are on hold.
A sincere effort has been and continues to be made by advisory members to find meaningful alternatives to camp as we have known it for 25 years, while keeping camp related activities true to both our legacy and the camp mission: Nurturing the spiritual lives of youth within the community and traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.
Although many camps and organizations will be holding sessions this coming season, the rules and limitations under which camps will be operating do not adequately support the needs and goals of Saint Seraphim Youth Camp. Our ability to satisfy these rules and limitations are greatly hindered by our unique makeup: size, regional diversity, duration, and dependence on volunteer staff. Our campsite and the state of PA also has its own policies and requirements.
Aware as we are of unfolding changes in public policy and perception, awaiting a workable scenario is administratively unwise and, as we see it, only a hindrance to finding what we can do for our campers in lieu of a week together in the Poconos. In this regard we are considering and developing various ways to reconnect our youth both younger and older to the St.Seraphim Camp community; we are contemplating and testing ideas like possible local and regional long weekend gatherings, use of easily accessible campgrounds or  church properties; virtual gatherings; an inspiring and edifying educational series or forum. If we are able to do any or all of these, it is likely they will be held near to the celebration of the Feast of the uncovering of the relics of St. Seraphim on Sunday August 1st, the feast we celebrate every year at camp.
The spiritual and social wellbeing of the campers, counselors, and their families in the St. Seraphim Youth Camp community is dear to our hearts, and we pray that our work bears its intended fruit. We look forward to providing updates here, as ideas take shape and as plans are finalized. Please remember us in your prayers. Holy Father Seraphim, pray to God for us.


The Administrative and Advisory Committee Members